X97 Beveling Machine


The X97 beveling machine functions basically the same way as roller shears, utilizing only one cutter. The shearing action actually feeds the work piece automatically through the machine. The method can be used for X, V, Y and K-form welding joints.

The degree of bevel angle is infinitely variable from 25° up to 55°. Motorized and adjusted by push-button control, a high degree of accuracy is achieved and is easily read on a graduated dial. Material capacity is two inches (50mm) thick in normal steel plate rated up to 100,000psi (690N/mm2) tensile strength. Allowing at least 1/8” land or straight edge, achieve bevel widths up to one inch (25mm) in plate 57,000psi (390N/mm2) tensile strength or less. Achieve half inch bevel widths (13mm) in material up to 100,000psi (690N/mm2) tensile strength

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