The X97 beveling machine (formerly Pullmax) functions basically the same way as roller shears, utilizing only one cutter. The shearing action actually feeds the work piece automatically through the machine. The method can be used for X, V, Y and K-form welding joints.

The degree of bevel angle is infinitely variable from 25° up to 55°. Motorized and adjusted by push-button control, a high degree of accuracy is achieved and is easily read on a graduated dial. Capacity 2” (50mm) thick and 1” (25mm) width of bevel in normal steel plate rated @100,000psi (390N/mm2) tensile strength.X97_Bevel_side

The speed of bevelling is between 1.5 and 3.1 m/min., depending on the width and degree of angle for the bevel being produced. Since the bevel is achieved without heat, the cut surface is clean from oxides and unaffected by thermal stress. This makes the X97 also suitable for certain grades of stainless steel as well as aluminum.

Choose the type of cutter to suit your type of work. Cutters for the X97 are available in three types of serrations . The medium serrated cutter can be used for most jobs but the machine can be fitted with coarse or fine serrated cutters as required. Coarse serrations are used for larger bevel widths in heavy material and fine serrations are intended for use in lighter work with smaller bevel widths up to 0.59 inches. Cutters are made from hardened alloy tool steel.

The X97 beveling machine (formerly Pullmax) offers superior versatility: motorized adjustment of beveling angles, choice of cutters, stationary or suspended operation, a full range of accessories and pinpoint accuracy for a variety of shapes and sizes of work pieces. The X97 fits the work piece rather than forcing the work piece to fit the machine.

Width of bevel: Up to 2” inches (50mm) thick plate
Up to 1” inch (25mm) thick plate
Speed of beveling: 6-12 ft. per minute (FPM) or (1.5-3.1 m/min)

Video of the X97 Beveling machine: