X97 - Accessories

Guide for Narrow Parts

This guide attachment option is for beveling narrow steel strips or flat narrow bars with widths from 2” to 13-3/4” (50mm to 350mm) It helps to achieve parallel edges and helps to hold the narrow pieces up against the cutter when feeding through.

Beveling Circle Disks

Diameters from about 18” to 78” and Maximum Bevel Width of ¾”. When fitted with a circular guide device the machine can be used for external beveling of circular work pieces. The device consists of an adjustable guide roller and graduated scale for setting reference.

Mist Spray Lubrication

Lubrication of the beveling area prolongs the life of the cutting wheel. Therefore, Pull-X Machines offers a spray mist lubrication unit that can be fitted on the X97. The lubrication starts automatically when a work piece is inserted into the machine cutting area

Suspension Yoke

You can adapt the X97 Beveling Machine to your work pieces. See our video in “Products“ under X97.

  • Stationary Position.
  • Suspended for moving easily along your large metal plate edge.
  • Flip the machine over easily to bevel underneath the large plate edge- no need to turn large pieces over to bevel the other side.